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Sustainability Cleaning Services

Environmental Sustainability

Sustainability defines the culture of Secure Clean Building Services. We implement cutting edge technology to improve the level of cleaning, while minimizing the impact on our environment. We work closely with each of our customers to help them reach their sustainability goals. Our culture of sustainability improves the health of our employees, our customers, and their employees through improved indoor air quality, and minimized exposure to harmful chemicals. It provides long term cost savings for ourselves and our customers, and preserves our environment for generations to come.


Green chemicals we use have been Green Seal certified, and environmentally friendly industrial chemicals. Chemical proportioning systems are used to ensure that chemicals are automatically diluted according to the manufacturers’ specifications, which eliminates waste and other problems associated with improper chemical dilution, and also reduces packaging waste.

Restroom and kitchen supplies (such as paper towels and toilet paper) that contain high amounts of recycled and post-consumer recycled fibers are available through Secure Clean Building Services.


All of our equipment is purchased with sustainability goals in mind. Our backpack vacuums, which are highly labor efficient on both carpeting and hard surface floors, have HEPA filters built in to improve indoor air quality. Equipment is meticulously maintained and repaired as needed in our on-site repair shop. All cleaning towels and mops are made of microfiber which removes dust and dirt from surfaces more efficiently with less abrasion, and requires the use of less or even no cleaning chemicals. These products are efficiently laundered with disinfectant at our facility.

As our vans are replaced, more fuel efficient models are used to reduce our carbon footprint. This high-top very roomy cargo van with a diesel engine gets 23 miles per gallon.

Facility Management

Sustainability is built into each of our processes. As our employees move through your building, lights are turned off to reduce power consumption. Our floor care programs are designed to maintain existing floor finish, maintaining high gloss and cleanliness while reducing labor, chemical, and water use in restoring floor finishes. We work with our customers to maintain recycling programs, and conserve water. Please contact us today to learn more about cost and energy saving building services.

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