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Carpet Cleaning

Periodic carpet cleaning is not only good for the appearance of your facility but also is beneficial to the health of its occupants. It has been said that carpeting is a good filter – trapping many types of organic and inorganic soils in its fibers. As is the case with any good filter, it needs to be cleaned and/or replaced at regular intervals in order to prevent it from changing from being a filter into a surface that releases these soils into the building’s surroundings including the air. Dirty carpeting can accumulate allergens that can trigger allergic responses in people – coughing , sneezing, itching, etc.

Our specially trained technicians utilize 2 different carpet cleaning methods and we recommend the appropriate method which is determined by your specific needs.

  • At the top of the page you can see a photo of the low moisture carpet cleaning process. This cleaning system is similar to carpet shampooing that went out of style in the 1970s because it left detergent in the carpeting and attracted soils immediately after the carpeting was cleaned. Modern low moisture carpet cleaning is immensely different from shampooing in one main respect – the chemicals used are enormously superior. We utilize environmentally friendly encapsulation chemicals, which form a crystal around soils and is then removed. So no residue is left over. Another advantage is less wicking back of stains and spots, as well as lower risk of mold growth.
  • We also offer truck-mounted hot water extraction carpet cleaning. You can see our powered rotary extraction machine in the photo. What you can’t see is the 50 HP Nissan engine powered machine with a Roots 59 blower and a Cat 5CP pump along with several hundred feet of hose and many tools for cleaning carpeting, upholstery, fabric partitions, and ceramic tile.


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