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About Our Company

Cleaning can be a chore and we know you have many choices when you consider hiring a comprehensive, high quality, reliable cleaning service.

More than 40 years of cleaning experience

Secure Clean Building Services, Inc., in business since 1974, is one of the leading commercial janitorial companies in the Greater Chicago area. We offer a full range of services for companies like yours, such as Nissan Forklift, Snap-on Tools, the City of DeKalb, Northwestern Medicine Health System, and several local area Banks.

Family owned and operated, we’ve built a solid foundation on cost-effective, high quality and reliable cleaning management. Our services are provided by trusted, accountable employees (not subcontractors) who take pride in bringing a clean environment to both your visitors and employees. We are committed to bringing you top quality service, with peace of mind, to fulfill all your commercial cleaning and maintenance needs.

Cleaning in not a part-time job for us, it is our business. We listen to our customers and believe that our responsiveness sets us apart from other cleaning companies.

Our values

Cleaners are also paid a decent wage, above minimum wage, which minimizes turnover and allows us to pick the best-qualified applicants. Our primary employee recruiting method is to get referrals from current employees, and we always have a list of applicants waiting for jobs. All of this means that we are not going to be the lowest bidder, but we believe that our services represent the best value.

Safety in Our Products and Training

The safety of our employees as well as the staff and facilities of our customers is of primary concern to us. Employees are trained in safe work habits including lifting techniques, handling of hazardous materials, and “right to know” information. Personal protective equipment is provided, consisting of disposable gloves and safety goggles.

We use only professional grade top quality chemicals for the safety of our employees, of your personnel, and of your building. The chemical lines we use are Johnson Diversey and Spartan. 90% of the chemicals we use are green cleaners, the exceptions being disinfectants and some mild acid cleaners. We also make liberal use of microfiber towels and microfiber dry and damp mops to remove more soil with just water or with less aggressive chemicals.

Secure Clean Assurance®

Our Secure Clean Assurance® system is a state-of-the-art customer service portal for communications, client surveys, and quality control inspections. We at Secure Clean are using Secure Clean Assurance® primarily to automate and track quality. When problems are found, work orders are created so that corrective action is followed through on. You and other individuals in your company can access the inspection reports and work orders to verify that we are doing what we are contracted to do.

Scheduling & Tracking

Employees are tracked with an automated time and attendance package. We know when they arrive at your location and ensure they stay until the job is done. Our state-of-the-art maintenance systems won’t let you down. No missed or forgotten services.

Qualified Personnel

We will assign only qualified, trained and reliable personnel to perform the services. A criminal record screen is performed on all applicants for employment by an outside company after we receive written permission from the applicant. Also, for security purposes, all employees wear photo ID badges and imprinted uniform shirts at all times.

Membership in ISSA

We’re serious about our business. Membership in ISSA, the international trade association for building service contractors, puts us a cut above the rest. As a member, we are required to demonstrate quality service and have access to continuing education and networking with fellow members.

Competing With Illegal Sub-Contracting

We don’t take risks with your building, the welfare of others, or our professional reputation. We remain committed to complying with all state and federal employment regulations by requiring all employee applicants to complete an application and to interview with a manager or supervisor.

All employees must complete an I-9 form, provide proper documentation, and are paid through our payroll. Secure Clean does not pay its workers as independent contractors. Be skeptical of the low bid; when contractors pay workers illegally, we all lose:

  • Social Security, Medicare and the State is robbed of revenue
  • The worker accrues no Social Security benefits
  • The worker is not covered by Workers Compensation & Liability policies
  • No insurance to cover your potential liability or their own needs

Secure Clean Building Services, Inc., in business since 1974, is one of the leading commercial janitorial companies in the Greater Chicago area.

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