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securecleanPEACE OF MIND is what we offer. We understand that, if you are looking for a cleaning services company for your building, you have many choices. Listed here are some things that set us apart:

Our management team consisting of these people has combined managerial experience of over 200 years. We are a family owned and operated company and one of the leading commercial janitorial companies in the Chicagoland area. Our services are provided by trusted, accountable, legal employees (not subcontractors or cash workers) who take pride in bringing a clean and healthy environment to both your visitors and employees.

We give special attention to assisting our clients to achieve their sustainability goals. More details are at this link

In 1990 we changed our name to Secure Clean Building Services, Inc. This was in acknowledgment of a fact that you know very well – security is extremely important when you entrust your building to a building service contractor. So of course we perform background checks on all employees to check for criminal records, etc. Additionally there are 4 layers of operational management for each building we service, the owner, the Operations manager, the QC manager, and the area Supervisor. All 4 make random visits on a regular but staggered schedule to each building while cleaning is being performed. A formal disciplinary procedure is initiated when needed and the rare instances of individuals dishonestly using time, materials, etc. are dispensed with immediately by means of termination of employment. Formal quality inspections are also carried out monthly ( using smart phone apps to grade performance. These inspections are uploaded to you, our Operations team and front office.

All employees received a minimum of 8 hours initial training using an illustrated training manual developed in-house, followed by regularly scheduled follow-up training using an extensive checklist. This way we insure that employees continue to follow the best-practice procedures in which they were originally trained. The result is superior consistency of cleaning as well as safety for the building surfaces and more importantly the building occupants.

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